Photograph courtesy of angela cox zion photography


as an artist . . .

I find the act of filling a canvas therapeutic - processing thoughts with a paint brush, most of the time without expectation of a certain result.  My spirit laid out in paint. With that kind of freedom in mind, I utilize various materials and mediums to accomplish heavy textures and complex layers for rich expressions of contrast, depth and elegance.  My work becomes softer as I go.  Blurry, even,  like memories or landscapes seen in the far off distance - no realistic detail, no worry with accuracy.  Just the remnant of the idea of what was seen - the stripped beauty of it.  

My pieces are abstract interpretations of one thing or another:  a lofty imagination, emotions evoked by an experience, my natural environment up here in the foothills, or the place I come from. You’ll notice an avid use of neutral tones - reflective of thunderstorms, beach sand, River rock, hardwoods, mud or mountain fog; a mix of upbringing and present surroundings.  and where bright colors are present, they remain earth related: firey skies, southern clay,  evergreens or fruit.   

Self taught and always learning, I'd love for you to join me in the process.  Thanks for visiting. 

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