To fill blank space,

piling thought into layer upon layer without previous sketch or clear expectation. This used to be my process.

My spirit laid out in paint.

Sometimes, this is still my way with a piece - rambling about it until it comes to it’s own stopping point. Varying material and mediums accomplish heavy textures and complex layers for rich expressions of contrast, depth, and hopefully, elegance.  That work is acceptably blurry - like memories or landscapes seen in the far off distance - no realistic detail, no worry with accuracy.  Just the remnant of the idea of what was seen.

The stripped beauty of it.

Over a few years my approach has taken on new life, the studio shelves and drawers narrowed to a select set of favorite supplies. Nothing wild, just basics that I enjoy the most for one reason or another. And I’ve become bolder about presenting less for the viewer to look at. Not as many layers, fewer demanding components, washiness in favor over saturation, unapologetic interruptive marks. Instead of making the thing I want and questioning it into an underpainting never to be seen again..

My pieces are abstract interpretations of one thing or another:  a lofty, perhaps ungrounded imagination, residual emotions of an experience, my environments daily, back in the place I come from, or the in between places I’ve rambled. Avid use of neutral tones reflective of thunderstorms, beach sand, river rock, hardwoods, mud or mountain fog; a mix of upbringing and present surroundings. Where bright colors appear, they remain earth related: firey skies or fire itself, southern clay, evergreens, bodies of water.   

I’ve no formal training, but life long observance, and the continual figuring of relationship between imagination and hands has moved me forward into a love of a lifelong urge, far before it was professional. It’s really all loving practice, not attempting anything certain as much as patiently uncovering what I’m happy to create. The lessons and results will morph, but humble and subjective they will stay!

Thanks for visiting.